Management Team

David Osborn, President & CEO of Building Engines
David Osborn
President & CEO
Scott Sidman, Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer of Building Engines
Scott Sidman
Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer
David O'Connor, Chief Financial Officer
David O'Connor
Chief Financial Officer
Steve Walsh, Vice President of Sales at Building Engines
Steve Walsh
Vice President, Sales
Kyle Maikath, VP of Client Service & Support at Building Engines
Kyle Maikath
VP, Client Service & Support
Jody Saarmaa, Vice President of Product Management at Building Engines
Jody Saarmaa
Vice President, Product Management
Tom Laverty, Vice President of Development at Building Engines
Tom Laverty
Vice President, Development
Kristin Carney, Vice President of Finance at Building Engines
Kristin Carney
Vice President, Finance
Mark Feldman, Vice President of Marketing at Building Engines
Mark Feldman
Vice President of Marketing
Tim R. Kelly, Director of Engineering at Building Engines
Tim R. Kelly
Director of Engineering
Phil Mobley, Head of Research of Building Engines
Phil Mobley
Head of Research