Inspections Manager

A smarter, simpler (and mobile!) way to manage your building, equipment and tenant inspections!

Unlike paper-based inspections, the Mobile Inspections Manager is as nimble as your business. Complete inspections from any mobile device, create ad-hoc inspections in the field, or initiate work orders on-the-spot.  The Inspections Manager empowers your team to take immediate action on results and makes it easy to establish targets and escalations that empower you to manage by exception.

Set-Up & Create Inspections

  • Create ad-hoc or scheduled inspections in minutes with a simple drag-and-drop builder
  • Choose from a variety of question styles, including checkboxes, dropdowns, radio buttons, text responses and more
  • Require conditional or photo responses for individual questions
  • Score inspections to evaluate performance against targets
  • Auto-create work order or PM tasks upon failed inspection points
  • Populate dynamic inspections based on occupancy, equipment or room type

Manage inspections on-the-go with BE-Mobile

  • Complete inspections from any mobile device or platform
  • Create ad-hoc inspections
  • Work offline and in areas of little or no service
  • Utilize smart phone features such as attaching photos to inspections
  • Initiate work orders while performing inspections
  • Integrates with Building Engines’ Preventive Maintenance

Take Action!

  • Automate escalations, notifi cations and task creation upon failed inspection points
  • Easily spot problems and trends with the rich, visual summary reporting of the Analytics Dashboard
  • Assess personnel on inspection compliance and performance
  • Download branded inspection reports to share with management

Mobile Inspections

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Collect data & complete inspections from the field with BE-Mobile.

Inspections Manager: An Introduction

A walk-through of creating, completing and reviewing inspections.

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