Do you dread sending out RFPs?  

Whether it’s for snow removal in the winter, repaving your parking lot in the spring, or landscaping in the summer (to name a few), sending out RFPs helps you find the best vendor for the lowest price. 

Despite these benefits, does the RFP process take so much time it hardly seems worthwhile?  

RFPs can be time-consuming and tedious – sucking up days or weeks of your valuable time. And, there’s no guarantee you’ll be able to source the right vendor.  

If you want to find the best vendor at the lowest cost – without frustration and wasted time – RFP automation is a great solution. Read on to discover how to find the right vendor in much less time with RFP automation.

Step 1: Use an RFP template builder 

With RFP automation, you can build an RFP from a variety of templates provided – in a matter of minutes 

Creating RFPs from scratch can take hours if you’ve done it before. Or, days if it’s your first RFP. As a property manager, you have so many other things to focus on that you can’t afford to waste hours or days on an RFP.  

RFP automation turns this lengthy process into one that takes only a few minutes. 

With self-service template library, you can choose a prebuilt template and customize it to suit your needs. With a variety of questions to choose fromyou can make sure the RFP gets the information you need. So, you can make the best decision for your property.  

Step 2: Let AI handle vendor outreach. 

Along with writing RFPs, sourcing vendors can be timeconsuming and frustrating. RFP automation software with AI can simplify this process for you.  

There are thousands of available vendors – making it hard to narrow down your choices. AI capable RFP automation finds the most compatible vendors for you – based on your needs in the RFP proposal.  

And, RFP automation AI can communicate with vendors during the process – so you can spend time on what matters.  

If any of the vendors decline your proposal or are unresponsive, RFP automation AI will replace these vendors for you. So, you’ll have the right number of bids.  

With RFP automation, you don’t have to carve out time in your hectic schedule to track down vendors and get their proposals. Instead, RFP automation software will find the best vendors for you with high impact communication. So, you’ll find the right vendor with less time and effort.

Step 3: Compare vendors from the database 

RFP automation software makes it easy to find your perfect vendor with a database of prequalified vendors. And it’s easy to make the right choice with an intuitive workflow that shows you a side by side comparison. 

Without RFP automation, you could choose a vendor that seems to be what you need. But, after you hire the vendor, you learn that thedo low quality work. And, you find it impossible to reach them to fix problems. 

But, with RFP automation software, you can choose from a database exclusively populated with vetted vendors. And, you can easily see the vendor’s past performance.  

While you may already have a preferred vendor, you can use this database to choose one thats an even better fit for your needs – in terms of quality and price.  

After your vendor choices are narrowed down, you can also use RFP automation software to compare vendors side by side with ease. That way, you have the information to choose the vendor that perfectly fits your needs and saves you money.

The Bottom Line 

Bid Management software makes it easy to find your perfect vendor – saving you valuable time. So, you have more time to accomplish everything you have to do. And, you can save money over your current vendor with easy comparison tools.

Looking for a bid management software that has RFP templates, AI capabilities, a pre-qualified database, and comparison tools?  

Consider using Prism Bid Management from Building Engines. 60% of RFPs managed through Prism are awarded a new vendor that’s a better fit than the traditionally preferred vendor. And, with its ease of use, Prism has little to no learning curve and quick time to value.

Get started automating the bid process with a complimentary Prism demo today.