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The Hive enables tenants like you to easily manage all building issues and tasks. Quickly snap a picture of a problem and submit a work order, pre-register visitors, rate your experience, get important notifications from your building manager, and more.  The Hive replaces the Building Engines TenHub tenant mobile app.

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The Hive is available at no charge to tenants whose property managers use Building Engines property management software. If your building is not one of the thousands managed by Building Engines’ industry-leading software, suggest to your property manager that they start using it today to improve operational efficiency, mitigate risk, improve tenant satisfaction, and make more informed decisions.


  • Broadcast Messages - Receive important messages from your building manager
  • Issue Snap - Capture an image of something wrong, annotate or draw on it, and immediately submit from your mobile device
  • One-Touch Ratings - Quickly rate satisfaction with work orders
  • Visitor Pre-Registration - Increase security while providing a professional visitor experience
  • Visitor Watch Lists - Prevent unwanted intruders from entering the premises
  • Tenant Request Management - Quickly filter, review and approve incoming requests
  • Estimate Review and Approval - Resolve issues quickly and easily
  • User Profile Pictures and Updates - Enable engineers to find you or other requestors in less time so you can get issues resolved faster