Get Started with Bengie for Slack

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Meet Bengie™ 

Bengie is your virtual building assistant. 

As an extension of building management, Bengie helps building occupants use Building Engines without downloading an app or logging into a tenant portal. With Bengie, occupants can request service, find building information, receive important announcements, and (in buildings using Building Engines for access control) pre-clear visitors – while you work in Slack! 

Getting started 

Using Bengie is easy! If your company already uses Slack, you can click here to add Bengie to Slack, or search for Bengie in Slack apps.  Once you've added Bengie to your Slack instance, click on Bengie to begin a conversation.  Bengie will help you do a one-time link to your Building Engines account so you can get started right away. 


Bengie is available to tenants in buildings whose management uses Building Engines software.  If you have any questions about Building Engines, please contact your building manager. If your building does not use Building Engines, suggest they start today!