How do you price?

Pricing consists of an annual license fee and a one-time set-up fee. Pricing is determined based on the size and make-up (commercial office, retail, industrial, etc.) of your portfolio, and any custom integrations or development. To get a better idea of the pricing for your organization, please visit our pricing page.

What features are included in the Standard License?

The short answer? - All of our core modules and capabilities. We don’t nickel-and-dime you for every module you want to add. Each standard license comes with unlimited access to our complete platform as seen below. This also includes access to our mobile App, BE-Mobile , new mobile tenant App, Chime.In, property websites and more! And when we release new core features? You get those too.

I’m switching from a different system. How do I convert my data?

Our Implementation Project Managers are experts at converting data from multiple formats and systems. We provide new customers with a number of User Guides with step-by-step instructions on how to export data from common systems. Once your data is converted to the Building Engines format, we bulk load it into our system for you.

How quickly can we get into the system?

The average time until “Go-Live” varies depending on the size of the portfolio, the complexity of the deployment (phased integrations, etc.), and the bandwidth of your team (existing data, number of people involved, etc.). We can get simple deployments completed (and with tenants using Work Orders) in as soon as 4.5 weeks. Larger portfolios will require more in-depth evaluation by the deployment team but with an aggressive timeline and dedication from the client’s team, we have gotten large clients up in 2-3 months.


See an example of a few rapid and large scale deployments on our Customer Success page.

Does your software require servers and IT assistance?

Building Engines is a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) provider. This means that we build, host and manage the application that you use every day. You don’t have to do anything other than “login” to use the system and receive important updates and new features. We work hard on our end to ensure service reliability, actively monitoring system performance and addressing any problems before they impact you. No IT required.

How much Training is Included with my license?

We understand that building adoption among tenants, vendors and staff is key to your software implementation success. As such, Building Engines provides free and unlimited web-training as part of your system license.

How many users can we have?

Unlimited system users (including tenants, vendors, and staff) are included with your license fee.

Are there any data usage restrictions?

We offer unlimited data as part of your standard license fee.

How is the Support Team Structured?

The Client Services Team consists of three integrated groups (implementation, account management, support,) working together to provide you with the service you need to successfully deploy your new system and get the most out of it going forward:

The Deployment Team
The Deployment Team works to transition new clients from the sales process to actively using the application in a timely, methodical and professional manner. They work to drive the process and deploy as much of the application as quickly and efficiently as possible based on your needs and schedule.

The Account Management Team
The Account Management Team maintains the health and success of clients once they have completed their initial deployment. They will introduce new features, continue to deploy additional functionality, and advise on best practices going forward. You will be assigned a Client Account Manager who will build a strong relationship with your organization and help you work toward your specific goals.

The Support Team
The Support Team assists all Building Engines Clients with a high level of efficiency and professionalism. They are experts in the application and are available via phone and email to provide support, ad-hoc training, and police the application for defects.

How much Support is Included with my license?

Building Engines provides free and unlimited support as part of your system license.

In-Office Support Team: M-F, 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST
After Hours Support: On-call, live after hours support, 7 days/week, 24 hours/day
Live Chat: M-F, 8:00 AM - 6:00 PM EST
Online Support Center: Online support request and ticketing system
Training Guides: Videos, tutorials and other instructional materials to help you get the most out of your system
Support Phone: (866) 301-5300
Support Email: support@buildingengines.com

What does a new deployment training plan usually include?

We work closely with each new client to build a customized training plan that fits their unique organizational needs. Please see below for a Sample Plan of what a new client training usually includes.

What is the Online Support Center?

The Building Engines Support Center is accessed from directly within the application and has everything you need to get started; including a Platform Introduction, answers to Frequently Asked Questions, downloadable training resources, and information on releases and new features. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, it’s also simple to submit a Support Ticket.

How easy is it to launch to tenants and is tenant training included?

We provide you with a comprehensive Tenant Launch Package to for when you are ready to have tenants “Go-Live.” You can announce the system and send activation emails all in a matter of minutes. The package includes a Sample Tenant Announcement Letter, Training Videos and Documents, and Login Credentials.

We also provide all tenant training via pre-recorded videos and .pdfs, so you can easily distribute them as needed.

What are the most commonly used Reports?

We understand how important reporting is for employees at all levels of the company, which is why we have such an extensive list of reports. Our Search Grids allow users to adjust filters for any of our reports, so that you can run custom reports that show you what’s most important to your organization. Reports like the Work Order History and Portfolio Level Summary provide an overview of what is happening in your building(s) at any point in time. The great thing about our reporting tool is that you don’t even have to login to view the reports – you can simply schedule your favorite reports to be sent directly to your email.

What if I need to add a new building?

No problem! Clients add buildings all the time and incredibly quickly. Just contact the support team or your Sales Representative and he/she will coordinate the set-up for you.

What if I need to submit a Building Status Change request?

You can contact the support team, your Sales Representative, or submit a Building Status Change Form here.

What devices can I use with BE-Mobile?

BE-Mobile is currently available for most current Blackberry, Apple and Android devices and operating systems (confirm yours with your sales representative) and is currently the only major Property Management Software provider with a mobile App supporting all three platforms.

Can my tenants use the Mobile App?

Yes! We just released a new mobile app for tenants to submit and manage work orders, as well as interact with property management.

What’s the difference between Mobile Web and a Mobile App? And which one are you?

We offer a native mobile App, BE-Mobile. Although you can access our web application via a browser (this is known as mobile web) from any device that has an internet connection. While this is perfect for desktops, it’s better to use BE-Mobile from your mobile devices (that’s what it’s made for!). See the benefits of a Mobile App vs. Mobile Web below: