Your building is an ecosystem and your software systems should be too.

We get that. Our clients and the market have made it very clear, the ability to share data with other systems is critical to operational performance, efficiency and, ultimately, tenant satisfaction. Siloed applications and data sets that need replication across multiple systems create unnecessary work and confusion. The expectation that we strive to meet as a modern software provider is to provide value for our clients by sharing data when asked and investigating integration opportunities when asked.
Building Engines has successfully integrated with a variety of applications and systems, including:
  • Accounting Platforms
  • Emergency Messaging
  • Building Access Systems
  • Energy Data Management
  • Single Sign-On
  • Data Collection Systems

Any integration discussion requires discovery and understanding of desired workflows and outcomes.  Our Client Services Team has a number of product and integration specialists who are experienced and will help guide you through the conversation and process.