Switching Systems

When Your Current System No Longer Meets Your Needs 

We understand the challenges with converting from a process, or platform you've used for a while.  You can take comfort in knowing that we have a tremendous amount of experience transitioning clients of all sizes, using many different applications.  Our Implementation Project Managers are experts at converting data from multiple formats and systems and making the transition as easy and painless as possible.

We will migrate the right data, and coordinate all required training so that your operations don’t skip a beat. 

When It Is Time To Switch Your Commerical Property Management (CRE) Software, Building Engines Has Perfected The Switch

While all situations will vary slightly, typical system conversions follow our standard 3-Phase Deployment:
3-Phase Conversion Deployment:

Phase 1: Typically 30 days to go-live

  • Step 1: During this first step, we collect Work Order Data, set up your new Work Order Configurations and Workflows in Building Engines, as well as set up all the tenant-facing tools.
  • Step 2. Cancellation Notice is provided to existing vendor (you will work with your Deployment Team to determine the appropriate cancellation date for your existing system). At this point, all required data will have been migrated from your existing system.

Phase 2: Typically 30 days (dependent upon client availability)

  • Set up the balance of the modules that were being used on the existing system – PM, COI, etc.

Phase 3:

  • Set up any new modules that will be used on the Building Engines System