Inspections | The Foundation of a Strong Facility Management Program

Inspections Done Right:

The Backbone of a Strong Preventive Maintenance Program

Facility managers today can’t wait until something breaks to address it. However, that’s too often the case, in situations where inspections aren’t completed – or worse, aren’t even planned. Inspections can be time consuming and easily take a back burner when problems or unexpected customer demands pop up.

In this guide you'll learn about:

  • Three different categories of inspections you should be performing
  • How to make the entire process easier and more efficient for your staff and vendors
  • Six steps to take in order to make sure your inspections program is complete
  • How to couple inspection data with other facility information to power stronger decision making

A strong inspections program goes far beyond equipment or assets, and instead covers all critical aspects of the facility that impact daily operations and the customer experience. This guide will give you new ideas for how to expand a basic inspections program without adding unnecessary burden on your staff (with a little help from your inspections software).

Inspections | The Foundation of a Strong Facility Management Program

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