INOVUES’ non-invasive window retrofit systems make it possible and cost-effective to upfit building facades with the latest energy-saving and smart glass technologies without removal, replacement, or disruption.

The company’s high-ROI low-carbon retrofit solutions can help building owners save up to 40% on energy consumption, improve indoor thermal and acoustic comfort, and increase the value and sustainability of their buildings.

INOVUES modernizes buildings and makes them more comfortable, sustainable, and up to 40% more energy-efficient by transforming their facades into high-performing renewable systems.
Windows are responsible for up to 40% of the energy loss in buildings. Replacing them is often cost-prohibitive and disruptive. Traditionally, upgrading single-pane and low-performing double-pane windows requires full or partial replacement – a costly and disruptive process.

INOVUES’ non-invasive insulating glass retrofits (IGRs) transform inefficient single/double-pane windows and glass curtain walls into high-performing multi-pane systems, enabling them to incorporate the latest energy-saving and smart glass innovations without replacement. INOVUES’ low-carbon IGR window retrofits provide similar performance results to new replacement windows while utilizing 70% fewer materials. They can increase window performance by up to 10x and reduce energy consumption and peak heating and cooling loads by up to 40% at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional window replacement projects and with no downtime or disruption to the building or occupants—providing up to 10x faster payback period and up to 400% return on investment.

Unlike any other window retrofit, once installed externally (or internally), INOVUES’ IGRs create a hermetically-sealed, desiccated thermal cavity between the original and newly-added glass, like factory-made insulating glass units (IGUs).
INOVUES has received national and international awards for its patented insulating glass retrofit technology, backed by global building technology leader Saint-Gobain, and was featured in Bill Gates’ Breakthrough Energy Climate Action Playbook.

INOVUES’ non-invasive retrofit solutions offer the same benefits of facade and window replacement at a fraction of the cost and without disruption, providing up to 10 times faster payback and higher ROI.

  • Transform single-pane and low-performing double-pane windows into high-performing multi-pane systems without removing, replacing, drilling, or altering anything at all.
  • Reduce energy consumption and peak heating and cooling loads by up to 40%.
  • Significantly improve occupant comfort and productivity by increasing the windows thermal insulation by to 10x (up to R14) and acoustic insulation by up to 50%.
  • Work with most window and curtain wall systems and can be installed from the exterior or interior – from a full facade retrofit to a single floor or tenant space.
  • Receive a free cost/saving study using full-building energy modeling, installed sample/mockup. We offer a one-stop-shop, turn-key solution and easy financing options with no-out-of pocket costs.

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2700 Post Oak Blvd #2100 | Houston, TX 77056
500 7th Avenue, 8th Floor | New York, NY 10018

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