Space Management Software

View floor plans, stacking diagrams, and bring spatial into your building operations from one streamlined view

Increase NOI
by streamlining building operations with spatial

Space Management enables property teams to create a stack for their building and associate/store floorplans for each floor. Then property management teams can leverage them to help accelerate the work order process by dropping a pin to indicate issues on to the floorplan.

Collaborate across teams with markup and annotations

Easily collaborate and share multiple floorplans within your building across teams including using interactive annotations. This collaboration can result in shortening deal time on leases using easily accessed floorplans to enable what-if scenarios for upcoming vacancies.

Add critical assets to your floorplan library

Engineers and property managers can easily add equipment icons to floors plans for future quick access anytime to determine where equipment exists in the building. This means less time figuring out what and where assets are, and more time delivering results.

Bring spatial to your building operations and see your building in a whole new way

Floor plan library

Access a centralized floor plan library that includes tools to manage master drawings and multiple scenarios that teams can view online. With this cloud-based repository, teams can be confident that they’re not wasting time working from old versions of plans.

Annotations of key assets

Easily add annotations and markup for equipment to floors plans, then save in Prism for collaborative access anytime. This enables dynamic visualization of key assets within floorplans and can be reflected alongside work order issues and scenario edits.

Work order pins

Property teams can drop a pin for a work order to identify an actual location on a floor or suite. This helps them find issues quickly so they can provide resolutions to tenants sooner, reducing operating expenses and improving the tenant experience.

Seeing is believing

View and interact with your building stack and floor plans so you can understand it in detail, floor by floor.

Printed floor plans on paper

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