AwareManager for Venues

Safety, security and the guest experience are always top of mind for facility managers at stadiums, arenas, and other venues.

AwareManager, a Building Engines company, has been providing a comprehensive system to manage security, staff scheduling, guest services, and facility operations at venues, both on and off event days, for over 15 years. AwareManager’s flexible solution enables:

  • Management of all event aspects in one solution, from staff scheduling and pre-event checklists to post-event analysis
  • Enhancement of operational efficiency and response time with real-time dashboards, mobile solutions, and alerts
  • Ensuring safety by thorough tracking of incidents that occur in the venue

AwareManager for Venues Features

Incident Tracking
Capture all incidents as they happen and monitor them with a real-time map view of your venue.

Total Facility Management
Organize and track all work orders, preventive maintenance, and inspections in one central location.

Resource Scheduling
Schedule staff and other resources for game and event days with just a few clicks.

AwareManager for Venues