Floor Plan Management

Increase lease revenue with better floor plan management. 

Managing floor plans using traditional methods like static drawings, PDF files, and old hard drives is inefficient and leaves money on the table. Our solution enables teams to:

  • Negotiate the best lease rate based on the most accurate measurements. 

  • Provide brokers with detailed floorplans, cross-hatching, and re-demising on the fly.

  • Connect to accounting systems to always provide the most up to date tenant and leasing information.

  • Make the correct valuation when recapitalizing or selling buildings. 

Select RealAccess Features

  • Dynamic Stacking Plans – See current, historic and even forecasted information.

  • The Interactive Floor Plan (IFP) – See suite, tenant and lease information in real-time.

  • Portfolio Manager – See the big picture and important stats.

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