The flexible configurability of the Building Engines platform combined with its ease of use, rapid deployment and high value makes BE an ideal choice for many types of facilities when compared to complex and bloated FM and CMMS systems. Among our many facility clients are some of the nation’s leading skilled nursing and long-term care companies, corporate real estate, manufacturing companies, even several zoos! Find out how these companies use the Building Engines platform to make people the new focus of facilities management.


Top Ways We Help The Facilities Industry

Commerical Real Estate Building and Property Management Inspections Tracking Mobile Software

An easy way to build, schedule and complete inspections from the field.

Commercial Real Estate (CRE) Preventive Maintenance Mobile Software Platform

A comprehensive preventive maintenance program is essential to extending the life cycle of equipment, reducing costs and optimizing your staff’s productivity.

Comercial Real Estate (CRE) Property Management Work Order Tracking Software

Assign, track, and manage all your work orders from inception to completion and know the status of every work order in your building. 

Happy Clients

Sunrise continues to innovate and take advantage of the most current technology to deliver great service to our residents and quality property management to our clients. We pride ourselves on being cutting edge and the Building Engines Mobile Platform and reporting ability will help us continue to be one of the area’s premier management companies.

Building Engines does a great job of working with us. They are always open to our requests and never give us a hard "No" regardless of how out of the box it is.