Service Delivery Program

Move Beyond Traditional Work Order Management

Create a Service Delivery Program that helps you prove your service excellence with real data.

Building Engines is the only Property Management Platform that empowers you to set your own targets for service delivery, communicate with your tenants and team, and track overall performance based on your established baseline. This helps your team always know which work order is the highest priority, and gives your tenants insight into the service process. And with our Tenant Satisfaction rating tools, you can get instant insight into tenant satisfaction levels at any point during the work order process and beyond.

The 3 Actions of a Service Delivery Program:

  1. Set service delivery priorities and benchmarks
  2. Automate alerts and notifications (to clearly communicate expectations to tenants, vendors and staff)
  3. Track performance against goals

Building Engines is the Industry Leader in Improving Comercial Real Estate (CRE) both Building and Tenant Satisfaction As Well As Maintaining High Tenant Retention Rates