Energy and Equipment Assessment

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Lower your HVAC energy use, increase tenant comfort, and boost your NOI—with zero capital costs!

Request a free personalized assessment, where Hank can monitor your HVAC units for 2 weeks to tell you exactly how much it can save you.

Visualize real-world energy savings and equipment efficiencies before you spend a penny. Submit the form to get started!


How it works

  • Submit the above form to schedule a Hank product demo with one of our tech specialists
  • We’ll help select an ideal building from your portfolio for your free energy and equipment assessment
  • Provide our team with a few details about your building
  • Get the full assessment with real-world results created from your actual building with your actual equipment!

How to qualify

The building you choose must:

  • Be a commercial office building
  • Consist of 50,000 or more square feet
  • Have a building automation/management system (BAS/BMS)
  • Have utility bills available to our team (ideally, 12 months’ worth)

For greater value, the ideal building will:

  • Have numerous tenant comfort complaints 
  • Be located in a high energy-cost area
  • Only have a part-time onsite engineer

Hank uses AI to optimize energy efficiency, comfort, & air quality for fast ROI

Get started with a free assessment

After getting access to your system, Hank builds a digital twin to learn how the equipment operates. You’ll receive an audit of the building detailing energy savings, comfort fixes, and equipment optimizations.

Setup is fast and easy

The Hank router is shipped to you and plugs into your existing building system. Hank’s engineers work closely with your onsite team to get the technology implemented.

Our software optimizes your HVAC

Hank autonomously optimizes your equipment to make massive improvements to energy consumption, IAQ, and more. You’ll quickly see the ROI in your bottom line.