Reduce risk & avoid costly claims

Keep your CRE properties protected and your compliance ratings high with Prism Insurance, from Building Engines.

Best-in-class COI tracking solutions

Managing multiple insurance policies and verifying compliance can be a hassle for property teams. That’s probably why most CRE firms have a compliance rating under 50%.

Prism Insurance boosts COI compliance and integrates seamlessly with Jones’ best-in-class COI management software to further automate insurance compliance and eliminate risk.

Simplify your COI management

  • Manage all your certificates, requirements & more from a central repository
  • Gain immediate visibility into COI status for all your vendors, suppliers & tenants
  • Easily enable agents to upload certificates directly via the Agent Portal

Supercharge compliance with Jones

Prism Insurance integrates with Jones to transform the way property teams operate.

  • See accurate COI information alongside Prism’s property and company management tools
  • No more repetitive, time-consuming COI tasks
  • Decrease time-to-compliance by 3x
  • Eliminate exposure to risk and protect your property from claims
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Minimize risk. Gain peace of mind.

Discover how better certificate of insurance tracking can protect your business, save you time and relieve your stress. Learn more about Prism Insurance, from Building Engines.

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