Make sure tenants never miss a message

Effortlessly engage with occupants and keep them continuously informed with Prism Building Communications, from Building Engines.

Connect with tenants the way they prefer

Nearly 80% of occupants prefer to receive important property updates via text.

Prism makes it easy, providing the flexibility to communicate with tenants based on their individual preferences – text messages, email, Slack and more.

Send emergency broadcast messages quickly

Communicate quickly and effectively with building occupants in the event of an emergency. Send rapid broadcast messages and collect real-time feedback and responses from tenants during fire drills, evacuations, or other emergencies.

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Get the right info to the right people

Easily create custom contact groups based on common attributes like job function, title, organization – even what floor your tenants work on. 

With Prism, it’s never been simpler for property teams to optimize building communications for the right audiences.

Automate communications with Bengie

Bengie is an AI-powered virtual building assistant that provides a faster, simpler (and friendlier!) way for occupants to engage with your buildings.

Tenants can submit work orders, ask questions, receive building updates and more – automatically from the Bengie app. And that’s not all.

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Keep everyone in the loop with Prism’s unique & powerful building communication solutions.

Easy-to-create messages

Enrich your communications with ‘drag-and-drop’ images and save previously used drafts to repurpose for future audiences.

Accurate delivery

Users can maintain their own contact information, giving you peace of mind that messages will always reach your intended audiences.

Communications history

Centrally track and manage historical records of all your past building communications straight from the Prism dashboard.

Better building communication is within your grasp

It’s time for a better way to keep your tenants up to speed on what’s happening in and around the places they work. We can help.

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