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Introducing Prism, the most innovative building operations software platform in commercial real estate

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Managing 2.5+ billion square feet across 26,000+ buildings and 850+ customers

Building Engines improves net operating income across the world’s most successful CRE portfolios

Increase revenue

Building Engines helps increase revenue by maximizing total rentable square footage, ensuring that you’re accurately capturing all billable service revenue, and even accelerates the occupancy of rentable space.

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Provide the best occupant experience

The best-run buildings deliver the best experience. Building Engines’ innovative capabilities including simple processing and prioritization of service requests and multi-channel tenant communications, will delight and retain your occupants.

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Reduce operating costs

Manage your workforce with efficiency, receive quality bids from service providers for your RFP, or extend the useful life of your equipment—no matter what role you’re in, Building Engines addresses every aspect of building operations.

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Available Modules on the Platform

Purpose-built modules designed for an intuitive, modern user experience

Work Orders

Streamline, prioritize, and manage work order requests

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Preventive Maintenance

Plan ahead to keep assets up and running

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Building Communications

Engage easily with occupants through email, SMS, AI, and Slack

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Manage risk and improve compliance for a fraction of the cost

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Standardize and evaluate the condition of your properties

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RFP Automation

Save hours by automating the entire RFP process

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Space Management

Visualize floor plans and uncover additional square footage

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Visitor Access

Check visitors in quickly while capturing important details

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Resource Reservation

Simplify amenity reservations and capture more revenue

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Simplify communication between teams with our virtual assistant

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Optimize building operations to provide the best building experience

Designed to address all aspects of building operations in a single, easy-to-use interface

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