Meet Bengie!

Bengie is an AI-powered virtual building assistant for your tenants.

Save time, delight occupants

Bengie makes it easy for building occupants to communicate with property management teams from both mobile devices and desktops.

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A differentiated experience for your building occupants

A virtual building assistant powered by AI, Bengie is unique in the industry, friendly, and super easy-to-use.

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Tenant self-service without increasing your workload

Bengie helps tenants serve themselves easily using conversational messaging from their smartphones and desktops, minimizing time-consuming phone calls.

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Empower tenants to self-service requests with Bengie

Service requests made simple

With Bengie, building occupants can use conversational messaging from their smartphones and desktops to request any kind of service.

Preferred interface

Users increasingly prefer text to converse with friends and colleagues. Now they can use text to access building services.

Quick updates

Building occupants can request and receive updates on the latest building news and events directly from Bengie, without having to ask your property team.

Register building visitors

With just a few clicks, your building occupants can easily register expected visitors and receive notifications on the device of their choice when those visitors arrive.

Tenant requests made simple

Now tenants can make requests to property management teams using the devices and channels they prefer. Requesting services is a quick and easy as sending a text.

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