A Day in the Life of a Mobile-Enabled
Property Engineer


With next-generation mobile apps like LogCheck and Prism Mobile, CRE property engineers have a leg up on Old School counterparts. Mobile technology helps increase productivity, improve communications, extend the usable life of key equipment, and a lot more. 

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Checking In


Joe shows up for his shift and uses any one of several “old school” manual processes to check-in – including punching a time clock or writing in a timesheet.


Mo checks in to her shift via mobile app on her phone. She instantly sees all her tasks for the day – including work orders, maintenance tasks and inspections – as well as any new communications that have come through from tenants or managers.

Organizing the Day’s Tasks


Joe collects sheets from a bulletin board, each with different task assignments for the day (inspections, maintenance tasks, work orders, etc.).

With the paper process, it’s hard for Joe to discern how different tasks relate to each other across properties, so he tackles them in the order they’re presented, rather than the order that’s most efficient for completing them.


Mo can organize her day and plan what to do in an order that’s most efficient (ex: grouping tasks in the same building, floor, or suite). Any task updates during the day are instantly pushed to the mobile app, so Mo always has her latest assignments at her fingertips.

Time to Get Work Done!


Joe works his way around the building over several hours, completing inspections, work orders, equipment maintenance, and so on. It takes a bit longer than his mobile-enabled counterparts, and once Joe has completed his initial tasks for the day, he returns to the office.


Mo efficiently works her way around the building(s). Digital floor plans (with work order and equipment markers) make it easy to plan efficient routes and avoid backtracks, so she can complete tasks faster.  

If a new work order is filed and assigned, Mo gets an instant notification on her mobile device with status and urgency details. These new tasks can be prioritized on the go and Mo can communicate directly with tenants if needed via the app.

Back at the Office


Joe files all the work orders he’s completed – and finds a bunch of new service requests have come in while he’s been gone. Joe needs to print out the work order details and go back out to complete the new jobs, often retracing his steps from earlier stops in the day. 

At the end of his shift, Joe then has to input all his completed tasks from paper to a computer (which on busy days can take hours!).


When Mo completes a task during the day, the mobile app digitally files and reports it for her, and automatically sends the information to all relevant parties.  

So once back at the office, there’s no tedious admin work for Mo to do.

Left in the Dark


Once Joe has finally attended to all his work for the day, he has no easy way to be sure if the issues / work orders he’s identified during his shift will be acted on.  

Joe also lacks central communication lines with the chief engineer, property manager, concierge, or affected tenants for various service requests. As a result, Joe can’t get new information proactively pushed to him, nor can he easily follow up directly with tenants in the field when needed.


Mo gets new information pushed to her phone throughout the day, and can instantly call, chat, or email with any relevant party – and track the status of work orders she’s created in the field during her shift.

When new equipment arrives in a building, the mobile app makes it quick and easy to create, update, and institute the new rounds and processes required to maintain the system.

And when a regulation update causes specific tasks to change—such as preventive maintenance for equipment – it’s much, much quicker and easier to update tasks on mobile than via old print processes (PDF, written or printed document, etc.).

As a mobile-enabled engineer, Mo is more productive and efficient, always in the know, and happier team member.  

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