Prism Mobile

Provide a best-in-class mobile experience to your team and tenants and keep everyone on the same page.

Mobile-Enable Your Tenants

Tenants can initiate, update and track service requests via their preferred method of communication – mobile device.

Achieve Full Performance Visibility

Get a better line of sight into performance towards SLAs, stay on top of all tasks and see the full team’s performance to ensure that service levels don’t slip.

Capture All Billables

Engineers can perform all services, recording all time and materials, including opening new WO’s requests while on the go.

Prism Mobile streamlines your engineering team’s workflows and get results to tenants sooner, giving your property a competitive edge.

Advanced Safety Measures

When performing sensitive or dangerous steps, engineers are automatically prompted to confirm service steps – shielding your building and tenants from risk.

Reduced Costs

Enabling self-service work order requests for tenants frees up admin time for more value-adding areas of your business.

Issue Tracking

Tenants can track the progress of outstanding work orders and make updates while away from their desks.

Mobile-enable everyone in every building

With Prism Mobile, your engineers have all the information they will need to service every asset in your building and occupants can enter requests on the go.