Mobilize your property teams & tenants

Prism Mobile offers two best-in-class mobile app experiences: one for engineers and property managers—and one for tenants.

Empower property teams with the information they need at their fingertips, and give tenants a convenient channel for placing requests and receiving real-time updates on the go.

Slash admin time

Engineers get real-time task updates and can instantly send questions to teammates or tenants in the field. No more wasting time going back and forth to their offices to input handwritten data or find out about a new task.

Perform all engineering tasks, even offline

Add data, capture all billable revenue from services, record all time and materials, and open new work order requests—even in locations without connectivity.

Easily Communicate

Prism Mobile lets property managers, engineers, and tenants easily call and message each other.

Digitize equipment and materials inventory

Simply scan a QR code or, unlike other CRE mobile apps, a barcode to add items to your inventory. Use the mobile app to quickly call up any item’s identifying information, location, service history, readings, and more.

Ensure you're delivering the responsiveness tenants need.

Self help

Tenants can initiate and track work order requests on the go and see resolutions instantly.

Easily connect

Prism Mobile lets your tenants easily communicate directly with the relevant engineer or property manager, whatever their preferred channel: text message, email, Slack, and more.

Instant updates

Tenants instantly get automatic updates on outstanding work order progress, including target completion times and status updates—no indefinitely waiting for results.

Mobile-enable everyone in every building

With Prism Mobile, engineers, property managers, and tenants can easily communicate with each other and are empowered to see and do more—faster.