LogCheck: How CRE inspections get done

LogCheck from Building Engines is the easiest way to stay on top of routine maintenance tasks, inspections, and meter readings. See why more engineers choose LogCheck as their go-to CRE inspections software.

Customize LogCheck for any CRE property

Property inspections

LogCheck software helps you and your team stay on top of your facility, providing insights that your old checklists just can’t.

Preventive maintenance

LogCheck makes it possible to track data trends from equipment readings, to quickly spot problems before they arrive.

Meter readings

Get quicker, more accurate readings! Gain the clarity and accuracy you need in the field that paper records can’t offer.

Security rounds

LogCheck helps security teams gain greater visibility from the basement to the roof, helping you keep your spaces safe.

Sanitary rounds

Sanitation is extremely important in modern facilities. LogCheck allows you to quickly add sanitary checks as needs arise.

LogCheck is part of the Building Engines product family!

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How does LogCheck work? It’s simple

LogCheck is a simple mobile tool that helps building maintenance staff streamline their routine checks, tasks and reporting in the field.  

Staff log their activities, management checks them, and everyone’s kept on the same page without the paperwork. This feedback loop improves communication and trust between teams, enabling staff to save time and reduce risks.

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The perfect tool for any property type

  • Office: Keep tenants happy and facilities healthy with a mobile app that improves communication between engineers and property management. 
  • Industrial: In warehouse settings, a single hiccup can halt production. LogCheck helps diagnose issues before they become costly problems.
  • Data Centers: Better secure and maintain all your critical systems, including cooling, power, and networks.
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LogCheck simplifies inspections across 432M square feet of CRE properties

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