Introducing the Prism platform

Prism by Building Engines is the most innovative building operations platform for commercial real estate.

Prism is the broadest, most powerful building operations software platform in CRE

Role-Based Experiences

New dashboards and streamlined graphical user experiences give occupants, engineers, and property management teams the tools they need to perform their best with less effort.

Secure and Compliant

Enterprise-grade security and regulatory compliance, meeting stringent requirements for GDPR and SOC II, as well as being ADA compliant.

Responsive and Reliable

Mobile app and text-enabled assistant  powered by AI, includes live customer support, boasts a 99.9% annualized uptime, and supports over a dozen languages

Seamlessly connects with in-house systems

The platform is architected for openness and interoperability. APIs are built directly into the product—not after the fact, like many legacy applications—ensuring a seamless and intuitive user experience.

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Scales as your portfolio grows

Secure and compliant, a global platform that massively scales from a single module serving one building to a comprehensive multi-modular building experience serving an ever-evolving portfolio.

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Achieves a positive ROI in no time

With a self-service setup that takes mere minutes, the platform offers a flexible set of components that connect owners, operators, engineers, and occupant with the information they need and in the format they want.

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Available Modules on the Platform

Purpose-built modules designed for an intuitive, modern user experience

Work Orders

Streamline, prioritize, and manage work order requests

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Preventive Maintenance

Plan ahead to keep assets running and unexpected costs low

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Building Communications

Engage easily with occupants through email, text, Slack and more

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Manage risk and improve compliance for a fraction of the cost

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Standardize and evaluate the condition of your properties

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Bid Management

Save hours by automating the competitive vendor bidding process

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Space Management

Centralize floor plans and bring spatial into your building operations

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Visitor Access

Check visitors in quickly while capturing important details

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Resource Reservation

Simplify amenity reservations and capture more revenue

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Simplify communication between teams with our virtual assistant

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HVAC Management Software

Gain visibility into your HVAC inventory

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Real Access

View floor plans, stacking diagrams, and manage documents

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Building Engines helps owners and operators deliver an exceptional experience for all, while maximizing net operating income.

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Get operational visibility that helps differentiate your company

  • Get property performance data via clear alerts and dashboards
  • Mitigate risk with tools for managing compliance and liability
  • Standardize processes, procedures, and service expectations
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Prove your value with data-driven operations

  • Get operational insights via clear alerts and dashboards
  • Help your team prioritize service and maintenance tasks
  • Gain real data and insight about tenant satisfaction
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Prioritize tasks and take the chaos out of your day

  • The mobile app keeps day-to-day tasks easily accessible
  • Plenty of tools to capture, automate, and track work orders
  • Web and mobile notifications keep tasks top of mind
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Receive timely communications and status updates

  • Find out what’s happening in and around the property
  • Get results faster for your work orders and service requests
  • Chat with the property team via system requests, SMS, or virtual assistant
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