Congratulations to Melvin Hill, Sales Order Ops & Billing Analyst, on receiving the 2015 Q2 Building Engines Mission Award!

Criteria for earning the award, as defined by BEI President and CEO David Osborn, are:

“You demonstrate, profoundly and intuitively, the Building Engines mission of best-practice excellence within your area of the Company, delivering consistent, high quality results for your department the organization and our clients. Your attitude, your work product, and the results you generate inspire your colleagues. Your mission focus embodies the Building Engines best-practice ethos as you raise your performance to its highest expected level and beyond.”

Melvin was nominated for the award by his peers, who had plenty to say about his infectious positive attitude and resourcefulness. Here’s a sneak peek at what some of his colleagues said:

Melvin Hill, Sales Order Ops & Billing Analyst
Melvin Hill

“Melvin manages his daily responsibilities efficiently and effectively, and routinely extends himself above and beyond to meet urgent Sales or Support deadlines whenever required.”

“Melvin is continually striving to improve process around billing and customer information gathering for BE. He understands that he alone cannot make that happen and works with others to understand how his work impacts theirs and how they can help make billing and related activities more efficient and effective for BE. He has improved output of invoices in timeliness and quality consecutively each quarter enabling BE to collect cash and grow a little bit faster.”

“Melvin provides such top-notch performance every quarter. He’s enjoyable to work with and his positive attitude is infectious. The extra time and effort he spends on perfecting our collections process is greatly appreciated by, I’d like to say, the whole company.”


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