A better way to enforce your triple-net leases

Ensure commercial tenants are keeping up with their maintenance obligations for HVAC (and more!) with Prism Tenant Compliance, from Building Engines.

Increase tenant compliance rates 120%

  • Set rules for tenant activities to remain compliant with lease agreements
  • Automate workflows, notifications, and proof of completed work for HVAC and more
  • Produce documentation and compliance reports to ensure greater visibility across your properties
  • Manage by exception to easily identify who’s falling behind on maintenance activities to prioritize follow-up
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Improve quality of HVAC management

  • Make sure tenants are maintaining their HVAC in accordance with triple-net lease obligations
  • Provide a consistent way for tenants to submit proof of service via Prism
  • Alert tenants of work to be completed with personalized, automated notifications
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Capture store sales records for retail

Tenant compliance is about more than HVAC maintenance. With Prism, it’s easy for operators to ensure compliance of any lease obligation – like store performance data for retail tenants.

  • Enable regular sales result uploads for consistent visibility
  • Identify the strength of each retail location on a property
  • Negotiate rents based on store sales recorded in the system

Take control of tenant compliance

Establish streamlined, transparent and dependable relationships with tenants to effectively manage your building’s HVAC assets and more.