Optimize the entire CRE vendor lifecycle

Discover a faster, simpler, more cost-effective way to work with vendors and keep your commercial properties running their best.

Vendor management solutions to manage the entire vendor lifecycle

Get more bids and drive down costs

Powerful bid management solutions make it simpler to connect with quality vendors, get more bids, and lower the cost of services 10%to-15%. 

Vendor contracts done right

Seamlessly access all your vendor contracts, create new ones, and get them signed and executed so work gets done faster. 

Purchase order insights for better workflows

Cut down on back and forth. Attach vendors to purchase orders when assigning work so they know what materials are needed for the job.

The CRE guide to advanced vendor management

Step into the future of CRE vendor management for a more efficient, transparent, and cost-effective vendor management strategy.

From sourcing to payment, we’ve got you covered

Need work done at your property? Tap into Building Engines’ Vendor Network to find the right service provider for the job.  

And with Prism’s simplified workflows, we’ve got you covered the rest of the way. Get a contract signed, manage COIs, assign work, collect and pay invoices:  your team can do it all from a single platform.  

Get Pricing

Cut your vendor spend up to 30%

Put Prism’s vendor management solutions to work to save you money.  

  • Drive more business to your preferred vendors to get discounted pricing and simplify operations
  • Ensure honest pricing with Prism’s apples-to-apples proposal comparisons 
  • Create not-to-exceed (NTE) amounts on vendor assigned work to avoid pricing surprises
  • Never pay the same invoice twice – duplicate invoices are automatically flagged 
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Automated bid management pays for itself, simply on the time that it saves. 

David Shott, Senior Building Operations Manager
Spinoso Real Estate Group

Get more from your CRE vendor management solutions.

See for yourself how Prism by Building Engines helps power growth for commercial real estate property teams and vendors alike.