Tenant and vendor contract management – simplified

Streamline your workflows and access all vendor and tenant contracts in one location with Prism Contract Management, from Building Engines.

Contract for online business. The concept of electronic signature, e-signing, digital document management, paperless office, and signing business contracts.

Fast access to critical contract information

Easily search and filter contracts across a portfolio, property group, or a single property and find contract information – faster.  

Prism organizes all vendor relationships, so property teams will see the contract status when assigning and interacting with work orders to avoid non-compliant vendors. 

Creating new contracts is a cinch

Once you’ve selected a winning vendor during the bid process, you can easily generate a new contract that captures any required information.   

Create custom, searchable fields as well as templates by service type to save your team time.  

Simplified contract execution via DocuSign integration

Get work done faster. Prism Contract Management software pulls your contract fields from Prism into DocuSign, making it easier than ever to get a contract signed and finalized by the right person.

Centralize your contracts for better visibility and smoother operations.

All your contracts, all in one place

No more searching across multiple systems for your contracts – they’re all organized for you in Prism, so your property teams can focus on higher-value tasks.

Customizable, flexible, and easy

Create custom templates and fields with a few clicks to standardize contracts and capture valuable information.

Get work done faster

Simplified contract creation and integration with DocuSign reduces steps and speeds up the process from vendor selection to completion.

Streamline your contract management

See how Prism’s contract management software gives property teams a single source of truth and surfaces critical contract information where it’s needed most.