Tenant Property Management Software

As the primary voice and face of building management, you need a simple way to capture, assign and report on all your daily issues and interactions with tenants and vendors. Prism bubbles up the most important information to your dashboard, so you can stop wasting time digging for service histories and expiring COIs. Spend more time on the high-value tasks that foster great tenant relationships and impress owners and investors.

Female tenants speaking to a group of people at a desk

Top ways Prism helps Tenant Coordinators


Integrate with your current accounting system for a seamless, automated bill-back process.


Automate your entire COI process and manage it all through a single, online location.

Simpler Communication

Cut through the noise by engaging tenants and staff in more ways!

Streamline building operations and keep occupants happy.

Built from the ground up to connect all elements of building operations and their related workflows in a single, easy-to-use interface.

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