Workplace experiences your tenants will love

Building Engines combines with HqO to arm CRE operators with the innovative tools they need to make the office the place their tenants want to be.

Raise the bar with Building Engines + HqO

Learn how Prism by Building Engines integrates with HqO’s Workplace Experience app to deliver a powerful combination for commercial property teams and tenants.

Modern solutions purpose-built to elevate the commercial tenant experience

Communicate with tenants at scale

Easily engage with primary tenant contacts and deliver important building communications via the channels they prefer.

Strengthen your workplace community

Enable users to communicate updates, share details on local events, or request services from other tenants through an easy-to-use mobile platform.

Deliver the best tenant services

Make it easier than ever for tenants to submit service requests and respond in record time with Prism’s work order management module.

Simplify visitor access

Enable tenants to register visitors quickly from their mobile devices, while ensuring an easy check-in process for security personnel.

Activate self-service reservations

Empower CRE tenants with simple-to-use resource reservation features for scheduling time for spaces and amenities.

Promote health & wellness

Support a healthy workplace by giving tenants an app to access gym waivers, hours and schedules; obtain discounted health perks; and more.

Power your tenant experience with HqO

Purchase the HqO Workplace Experience app directly from Building Engines and deliver more of the experiences today’s tenants care about.

  • Integrate HqO with Prism – Building Engines’ leading operations platform
  • Provide tenants with a go-to app for service requests, community building, wellness, food delivery and more
  • Customize the app with your company brand and colors
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Upgrade your visitor access with SwiftConnect

Add SwiftConnect to Prism’s Visitor Access module for an extra layer of security and peace of mind.   

  • Generate a unique bar code for each visitor—and visit—to ensure only the right people can access the building 
  • Automate access permissions from the “source of truth” to minimize security risks  
  • Connect different access control systems within the same building or across portfolios  

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