Commercial Office

Best-in-class management teams are automating operations as well as engaging their tenants online. Building Engine’s unified platform, backed by the industry's leading mobile app, makes it easy to collect information from daily activities, makes real-time collaboration possible, inspires tenant loyalty, manages risk, and uses real data to prove operational performance.

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Top ways Prism helps the commercial office industry

Prism Mobile App

Stay connected to critical building information at all times and manage and respond to tasks remotely

Tenant Satisfaction

How did we do? Easily track tenant satisfaction with service and answer that question in real-time.

Work Order

Assign, track, and manage all your work orders from inception to completion and know the status of every work order in your building.

Streamline building operations and keep occupants happy.

Built from the ground up to connect all elements of building operations and their related workflows in a single, easy-to-use interface.

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