Venue and Operations Management Software

AwareManager, a Building Engines company, provides one comprehensive system to improve and streamline venue operations pre, post, and on event and game days

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Take a free, self-guided tour of the Prism platform to see how your property teams can easily streamline tasks, communicate, and manage building data all in one, central location.

Mitigate risk

Capture all incidents as they occur in your stadium or venue to ensure the safety of your guests and staff on event or game days. Ensure that the right people are notified when incidents occur. View trends in incidents to proactively prevent them from happening.

Staff management

Revolutionize your staffing processes with one-click scheduling, live monitoring of staff arrivals and stadium positioning, payroll integration and a central tracking solution for certifications and contact information.


Streamline access management, including badge printing and real-time security verification. Integrate directly with access control systems to track visitors, staff and vendors as they enter the venue, employing the best in safety technology without interfering with the overall stadium experience.

Cut operating costs, improve efficiency

Gain control over the chaos that surrounds stadiums and venues on and off event days, allowing your team to focus on the most pressing issues.

Keep your team informed

Easily communicate new protocol and process changes by communicating frequently and effectively with your staff and vendors.

We provide a suite of modules to help operations teams run efficiently and to help security teams to keep stadiums and venues safe

Total Facility Management

Organize and track all work orders, preventive maintenance, and inspections in one central location.

Maintenance and Work Orders

Ensure all preventive maintenance tasks and work orders are completed to keep equipment and your venue running efficiently.


Communicate important information with staff to give availability and alerts. Notifications cross-functionally across departments ensure the right people are notified in every situation.


Use reports to uncover trends, utilize metrics to gain transparency and highlight areas for attention and efficiency.

Incident Tracking

Capture all incidents as they happen and monitor them with a real-time map view of your venue.

Staff and Resource Scheduling

Dynamically manage staff scheduling and credentialing for events easily. Coordinate loading dock space to eliminate backups.

Lost and Found

Easily log Found items with photos, automate potential matches for Lost and Found items, facilitate notifications to fans for Found items.

Fan Texting

Engage with fans to easily capture any issues during an event.  Integrate with your existing Fan App to simplify input and gain traffic on your site.

One Comprehensive Venue and Operations Solution

Track everything from pre event day inspections and staff scheduling to event day incident tracking and work order follow up

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