As Seth Godin says, it’s not always one or the other.

In the case of Accounting System providers for the Commercial Real Estate market, the conversation is usually dominated by the big companies and products that many are familiar with.

But if the search was limited to those, some great options that might be a better fit for an organization based on things that ultimately matter- like customer service and the ability to configure the system to the exact needs of a client- might be lost.

A great example can be found in a company like IBS (Integrated Business Systems). IBS is a company located in New Jersey serving the real estate accounting needs of some extremely high profile clients in New York and the Tri-State area. They are successful because they regularly interact with their customers, garner feedback, listen to user needs and then deliver and service their product in a way that proves bigger isn’t always better.  If you’re looking for an accounting platform option beyond the big brand names, IBS is a company that deserves a look.