Commercial Real Estate is a Technology Adoption LaggardThe commercial real estate industry may have started slow out of the technology gate, but there is no question that it’s now reached a roaring speed. In fact, recent CRE studies show a direct link between technology investment and profitability.

As a result, we just released a benchmark report on technology adoption in commercial real estate, detailing results from our recent CRE Technology Trends and Transitions Survey.

This benchmark report reflects the broad experiences of CRE professionals and provides comparative analytics to identify noteworthy CRE technology trends; the technology features, systems and software driving adoption; best practices for integrating and transitioning systems; and how to take advantage of new mobile capabilities and apps.

The results indicated a dramatic uptick in technology use among property management professionals and the industry as a whole, including:

  • 81% of CRE organizations have added or changed systems in the past three years
  • Work Order Management Systems were the most commonly adopted
  • 50% of CRE organizations would like their systems to allow for easier integrations and data sharing over anything else

Access the full report: Technology Adoption in Commercial Real Estate