These days it seems like social media is everywhere you look (to those who disagree, perhaps you find yourself only looking at sand?). Last week’s Realcomm conference in Las Vegas was no exception. Professionals from the corners of commercial, corporate, institutional and government real estate gathered in Sin City to… tweet! As we explored the latest and greatest in real estate technology, we made sure to use it!

Here’s a sampling of the recent overflow of trending tweets during the #realcomm conference:

Don’t assume your PR agency is social media friendly – make sure you engage your company’s own #socialmedia & manage the msg. #realcomm


From Robert Juliano -marketing craves analytics to show success #realcomm


Still using glossy sales sheets for #cre marketing? You need a centralized crm to make it mobile- from #realcomm

As you can see, not all of these tweets responded solely to the idea of social media alone. Specifics were noted, including PR agencies, analytics and mobile marketing, but they are all separate aspects of what make social media great. Take a look at some of these groups’ twitters and see what they had to say about the #RealComm event.

At least we can appreciate that people are using social media to publicize their ideas about social media!

P.S. Thinking my use of the pound symbol is a terrible and tragic habit in typing? Time to see what all the twitter’s about!