Mobile Success Guide For CRE Operators

The Definitive Guide to Mobile Property & Tenant Management Provides Industry Analysis, Best Practices

Building Engines- Mobile devices have rapidly gone from “nice to have” for early adopters to ubiquitous work tools. The concept of accessing the Internet from anywhere, at any time, continues to have a growing impact on commercial real estate owners and managers. Building Engines, a provider of a comprehensive property operations management system, has released “The Definitive Guide to Mobile Property & Tenant Management,” detailing how to implement the use of mobile in your day-to-day commercial real estate operations. The Guide is the result of a recent survey by Building Engines that concluded increasing numbers of CRE property owners and managers are turning to mobile solutions to create a more efficient and agile workforce, improve real-time insight into service delivery, and for competitive differentiation. This educational report proves that an essential component in outperforming competitors is the ability to work offline. The survey results showed that nearly 75 percent of sample users have experienced intermittent lapses in connectivity, with a two-hour average period offline. Being able to experience a seamless workflow is key to productivity. The report also highlights best practices for companies with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies. The survey found that 90 percent of U.S. employees used personal smartphones for work within the past year and 50 percent of companies are projected to demand employees BYOD by 2017. Find out how your mobile strategy compares with industry top performers, as well as the must-have mobile features as ranked by your peers, and best practices for mobile access to operational data. Click here to download the guide. And don’t forget to get started on the mobile path to success by downloading BE-Mobile. The application empowers property and facility teams to stay connected to critical building information at all times and manage and respond to tasks remotely. Easily view and execute day-to-day work order, incident, inspection and preventive maintenance tasks – from any device. This is critical, as the survey revealed 44 percent of organizations, and 80 percent of the top 10 heaviest users operate a mixed platform of mobile devices.

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