Is your visitor check-in process slow, with little visibility?

Manual visitor check-in processes can be time-consuming for you and your guests. Your visitors have to wait in line and provide their info – which can take 30 minutes or more. And, your team has to screen each visitor and make sure to save any important info, which takes them away from other important tasks.

To make the visitor process faster, more guest friendly, and easier, you can use visitor access software. With this software, you can check in visitors quickly from multiple devices. And, you can increase visibility into who’s in your building. Plus, you can eliminate the health risks posed by people congregating during the check-in process.

Wondering how visitor access software can help you? Read on to find out 3 unexpected benefits of visitor access software.

1. Faster Check In

One benefit to visitor access software is that you can check in visitors faster.

With traditional methods to check in guests, visitors have to wait in line to get checked in. This alone can take upwards of 15-30 minutes. Then, guests have to spend time giving their details to your team. After a wait time potentially exceeding 30 minutes, your visitors can finally enter your building.

Having such a long check-in time can make visitors and tenants unhappy. Visitors, who might be important business partners of your tenants, might decide the wait time is too long and leave. Or, the wait time could take up the entire time they allotted to visit your tenant. These can both make your tenants lose out on business – which decreases tenant satisfaction and retention.

To create a positive check-in experience that improves tenant satisfaction, you should use visitor access software. With this software, guests can pre-register, which cuts down on the time they spend checking in.

And, the software provides visitors with multiple ways to check in (like on a mobile device). So, guests don’t have to wait in one long line. Instead, they can check in a variety of ways – cutting down the time they spend on the check-in process.

With visitor access software, you can speed up the visitor check-in process for happier guests and tenants.

2. Increased Visibility

Increased building visibility is another unexpected benefit of visitor access software.

Security is important to tenants. And, part of ensuring your building is secure is knowing who’s in the building at all times. But, with traditional check-in methods, it can be hard to keep track of everyone coming and going. If your team keeps track of people on paper lists or localized computer files, it can make it more difficult for everyone to know who’s in your building.

Plus, traditional check-in methods make it hard to keep out unwanted guests. You might have a problematic visitor you don’t want to enter your building again. But, if your team uses lists or local word docs to keep track of unwanted visitors, it can be hard to spot the unwanted guest. So, the visitor gets into your building – causing problems and decreasing tenant satisfaction.

With visitor access software, you can increase visitor visibility and ensure the security of your building. Visitor access software can help you digitalize the check-in process. So, you and your team have a record of who’s in your building – which you can access from anywhere. That way, you’re always up to date on visitors at your property.

And, visitor access software can help you flag unwanted visitors. When these guests attempt to check in, the software will alert your team. So, your team can easily keep out unwanted visitors – keeping your building and tenants safe.

3. Improve Building Health

One last unexpected benefit to visitor access software is that it can help you keep your building healthy.

In the COVID-19 era, any gathering poses serious health risks. If visitors are forced to congregate in your lobby due to your slow check-in process, it’s an opportunity for disease to spread. This large gathering has the potential to get you, your staff, tenants, and visitors sick – which can make tenants look for a new building that won’t endanger their health.

Visitor access software can help improve the health of your building by preventing visitors from congregating in common areas. Instead of waiting for 15-30 minutes, visitors can pre-register. And, they can check in multiple ways – speeding up the check-in process.

Plus, visitor access software makes it quick and easy for your team to capture important details – like name, the reason for visit, and even a picture. So, your team can check in visitors faster, preventing any large groups from gathering in your building. If anyone is ill while visiting your building, this record can help you contact trace and minimize the spread.

With visitor access software, you can check in visitors quickly – without spreading disease in your building.

Wrapping It Up

The visitor management process can be tedious and time-consuming for tenants, visitors, and your team. Long wait times can frustrate guests – and decrease tenant satisfaction.

One of the best ways to improve your visitor check-in process is by using visitor access software. With this software, you can speed up the process, increase visibility into who’s in your building, and improve the health of your property by preventing gatherings.

That way, you can check visitors in quickly and safely – improving tenant and visitor satisfaction.

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