Protect your properties with smarter risk management

Prism’s risk management solutions boost compliance rates and prepare your teams to respond when the unexpected occurs.

See why property managers and owners rely on Prism by Building Engines to mitigate risk and save on insurance premiums.

Get peace of mind with Prism for CRE risk management

Streamline COI management

Prism Insurance makes it easy to see who’s compliant and who isn’t and standardizes communications with tenants and vendors to boost compliance rates.

Keep incidents under control

Centralize all incidents and give your teams the solutions they need to respond quickly when things go wrong.

End-to-end risk management with Jones

Prism insurance integrates with Jones’ best-in-class COI management software to further automate insurance compliance and eliminate risk.

Hassle-free COI tracking

Prism Insurance centralizes COIs to give you compliance insights for all vendors, suppliers and tenants across your portfolio. It’s just what you need to help your teams manage your COIs with ease.

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Decrease time-to-compliance by 3X

Certified Partner!

See how Jones automates your COI collection and combines AI with insurance expert reviews to take COI audits off your team’s plate.

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Next-gen incident management

Prism Incidents empower your teams to respond quickly when things go wrong:  

  • Send alert notifications to key personnel based on issue type and priority 
  • Provide custom incident templates to ensure you always have the right info 
  • Centrally track incident status, communications, and other key data from the Prism dashboard 
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We’ve got CRE risk handled

See how CRE risk management solutions from Prism by Building Engines mitigate risk across your portfolio.