When it comes to commercial real estate, social media is no longer something that we’re just sort of experimenting with. We’re now past the mobile tipping point with 80 percent of Internet users having a smart phone. Most people are starting their research about companies on mobile and on search engines like Google.

They’re using social media apps on their devices like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as their portal to the Internet. It’s just how people are consuming information now. Social media has become the new “word of mouth.”

Social media allows you to be conversational while staying on message and community building. It doesn’t just connect your brand to your clients; it also allows your clients and customers to connect with each other. Especially in commercial real estate, we’re in the business of developing and managing these physical communities, and it makes sense that you would also be a leader in managing online communities.

Michelle Mastrobattista, VP of Digital Communications, Solomon McCown, recently sat down with Building Engines SVP Scott Sidman for our inaugural “CRE Tech Talks” podcast and shared five key things every CRE executive should be doing to implement a strong social media plan.

5. Invest in your social media team. Make sure that you have the right team in place before you start.

4. Have a social media policy in place so that your employees feel comfortable with how social media should be used to represent your organization.

3. Use social advertising. Social media is no longer free and media is the operative word. Facebook and Twitter are in the business of keeping the news feed interesting. It’s really important to invest in some promoted posts, and promoted tweets, in order for your strategy to be effective.

2. Set benchmarks for measurement. Know what your goals are and what you’re measuring against.

1. Most importantly, have a strategy.

For more from Michelle and Scott, including how can social media help CRE professionals improve operations, tenant service, crisis response & marketing, check out the podcast here.