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This week’s most important property management news covers: ‘What 80’s Movie Character Are You as a Building Engineer?,’ ‘Has CRE Merger Mania Continued in 2016?,’ ‘Eight Technology Trends That Could Impact CRE,’ ‘Why Telling Yourself to Calm Down When You’re Stressed Totally Backfires,’ and ‘Love it or Hate it: Millennials are Changing CRE.’

  1. What 80’s Movie Character Are You as a Building Engineer? (Building Beat)

    Who doesn’t like a good personality quiz every once and a while? Written as a follow up to the popular ‘What 80’s Movie Character Are You as a Property Manager,’ this quiz highlights the role of building engineer. Which 80’s movie personality will you end up with?

  2. Has CRE Merger Mania Continued in 2016? (Seeking Alpha)

    After the extensive (and quite numerous) CRE deals that took place just a year ago, Seeking Alpha looks to evaluate whether 2016 is ripe to repeat on 2015’s action. What they found, was that the number of large deals is not quite at the level of last year, but there are a surprising number of small deals rising up.

  3. Eight Technology Trends That Could Impact CRE (Canadian Property Management)

    Rebecca Melnyk of Canadian Property Management, an online publication, writes about the top 8 technology trends that are starting to trickle into the commercial real estate space, including: augmented reality (AR), blockchain, drones, Internet of Things (IoT), robots, virtual reality (VR), 3D printing, and artificial intelligence (AI), and how they might impact the industry.

  4. Love it or Hate it: Millennials are Changing CRE (Building Beat)

    Whether you think that the changes brought about by millennials are positive, or negative, it is hard to argue that things are staying the same. In this post, you’ll read about the impact of techies, connectivity, the concept of “live, work, play,” big city living, employment power, and the connected office on millennials, and office culture as you know it.

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