Inspiration. Drive. Will.  These words represent traits we seek to find in ourselves and find admirable in others. They are also part of the “stuff” we believe helps define America; its people, accomplishments and history.

My sister’s close friend is the co-creator of a musical she is working around the clock on with a talented and committed team to bring to Broadway. The show is called Empire the Musical and is the inspirational story about the architect who designed the world’s tallest building (at the time,) the financier (John J. Raskob,) the Mayor of New York City (Al Smith), and the workers who drove the project through to completion against the backdrop of the Great Depression, and many other monumental and seemingly insurmountable odds. – There’s also the requisite love story in there as well!

This creative team has been working for over 8 years to bring this story to a Broadway stage. That kind of determination and the Empire State Building’s story is the embodiment of inspiration, drive and will.    – An argument can be made that Empire State Building is the most iconic structure in the United States and a powerful symbol of the American spirit that helped pull the nation through one of our most turbulent periods.

As we face our own turbulence and uncertainty today, it’s comforting to look at symbols like the Empire State Building and the story behind it as well the many examples around us to know that the American spirit and inspired people with will and drive are undeterred.

I’m looking forward to opening night.