Trivia Corner

What city currently holds the record for the highest number of skyscrapers?

What We’re Reading This Week

1) Opportunity Zones Spur Talent Crunch – NAIOP

A recent article by NAIOP explains that an unexpected upswing in acquisitions and development jobs are driving a 25% increase in 2019 CRE hiring. The CRE industry is in an interesting position when it comes to hiring that we haven’t seen before. The industry is at a tipping point when it comes to technology development and consolidation creating great career opportunity. But we think that challenges with hiring may be due to CRE companies missing the mark when it comes to attracting talent to the industry. Here are a few tips that could help hire the perfect CRE team.

2) CRE is Putting Up Major Money to Develop Technological Advancements – Bisnow

Billions – yes with a B – of dollars of funding is pouring into the CRE industry. In fact, there has been more than a 181% increase of funding in the CRE industry from Q1 2018 to Q1 2019 explained a Bisnow article. “There is a serious change in the air that’s coming, but there’s also extraordinary opportunity. Those who embrace tech early will be the leaders of the next cycle,” CREtech CEO Michael Beckerman said. “Ask the retail industry about when they weren’t taking Amazon seriously.” In short, to be a tech achieve and stay ahead of the curve you must act fast.

3) Will Tenants Use Occupant Experience Apps? – Bisnow

“Though [tenant experience] platforms serve many useful functions, buildings often struggle to get tenants to download the app and struggle even more to get them to use them every day,” an article by Bisnow explains. They go on to say that if apps serve a more impactful purpose, such as providing access control instead of key cards into a building, tenants will be more likely to use it. We agree that tenants are facing app overload. There is an app for almost every aspect of a person’s life today and people seem to be downloading fewer and fewer apps. To find the most value in mobile, CRE tech providers might have to move away from providing the typical mobile app to innovatively using apps that tenants are already using, such as text, to reach them. Just some food for thought…

4) Catch up with us at Realcomm 2019 – Realcomm

Realcomm’s annual conference is right around the corner – will you be there? Realcomm is a great opportunity to meet and collaborate with thousands of creative, forward-thinking and insightful CRE professionals from around the world. We are very excited for the conference and will be at Booth #1605 for anyone who wants to catch up! We also recommend tuning into a panel moderated by Scott Sidman, Building Engines Chief Marketing and Strategy officer – Ingress and Egress – A Status Report of the State of Access Control.

The More You Know...

The world’s first skyscraper, built in 1885, was the Home Insurance Building in Chicago, Illinois, which stood at 42 meters or 138 feet tall and was 10 stories.

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