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What did the term, “skyscraper” originally refer to

What We’re Reading This Week 

1. Panelists Mull a Midtown Meant for Millennials – Commercial Observer  

“There’s a war for talent,” Tommy Craig the top executive in the New York region for Hines said in a recent article by Commerical Observer. “Anyone my age [mid-60s] understands that, for any work that I do, it’s completely necessary for me to leverage off of a different generation that has got digital skills.” Finding the best talent in the CRE industry has never been more challenging but also immensely critical – here are some tips to help you hire the perfect CRE team.  

2. Next 10 Years Will Change the Way We Think about Buildings – Entrepreneur  

An interesting article from Entrepreneur explains that there are three main areas where technology can solve the most critical problems that property owners, managers and tenants face; buildings and the people in them, buildings and sustainability, and buildings and equipment. Read the article here to learn some advice about how to take advantage of technology to optimize your building operations and gain a competitive advantage. 

3. How Landlords Will Compete in the Era of Big Data, WeWork and Tenant Experience – Propmodo 

“In the 21st century smartphones should be remote controls to the surrounding reality. Tenant experience apps are a promise of exactly that in our working environment,” an article by Propmodo explains. We understand that reaching tenants and engaging them is a never-ending challenge for property management teams. But going head to head with app behemoths like Instagram and Snapchat for space on tenants’ phones creates even more difficulties. We think that perhaps the CREtech industry needs to rethink the way we are approaching mobile technology. Find out how here.  

4. The High Cost of Maintaining the Status Quo in Commercial Property Management – Building Engines 

In today’s economic climate, commercial property managers are painfully aware of the need to run their properties efficiently in order to maximize net operating income. But many times, we see that CRE organizations stick with the status quo. We get it no one likes to change. Including myself. But recently we’ve been noticing that many organizations are using outdated technology to avoid dreaded change. Do you know how much that could be costing you? Find out in this quick read.  

The More You Know...

What city currently holds the record for the highest number of skyscrapers 

Answer: Hong Kong – with 308. The second is New York City.  

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