Our very own Jim Gray, Building Engines VP of product, has finally achieved celebrity status. This afternoon Jim was interviewed at the Realcomm 2013 Conference in Orlando, FL were the topic of discussion happened to be BE-Mobile. In the discussion Jim talks about what differentiates the BE-Mobile app from the competition, as well as the reason for Building Engines’ recent shift to mobile platform support. The answer?  We listen to what our customers care about most:

  • The ability to access data at all times, online and offline that can be acted on immediately – Actionable data is where it’s at!
  • Minimizing operating costs while optimizing service delivery.
  • Preserving the quality of the building

BE-Mobile’s True Sync technology allows our customers to seamlessly conduct inspections, complete work orders, and access important documents immediately, anywhere-anytime while offline. The ability to do this allows facility teams to act quickly to any tenant issues, and immediately escalate them if necessary. It allows the property manager to report on the teams efficiency, finding where problems lie, and being able to correct them quickly, and it allows for teams to track all routine inspections, and fix problems before they start. Also, you eliminate a ton of paper waste, because everything can now be recorded and tracked electronically. Go Green!

Check out Jim’s full below or at the Realcomm Conference LIVE page.