Commerce's Rapid Software Conversion & Deployment
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Dissatisfied with their current real estate operations management software provider’s service and limited capacity platform, Commerce Real Estate Solutions needed to make a change that would help them upgrade functionality, system reliability and service. They needed a robust, user-friendly solution with a strong focus on mobility and customer support.

But as with any large change, there was anticipated pain involved with making a switch from the status quo. With data loss, busy schedules and investment costs in mind, Commerce turned to Building Engines.


Commerce Real Estate Solutions has been a leading provider of real estate brokerage services for over 30 years. With offices in more than ten locations throughout the Intermountain West, Commerce offers consulting, brokerage, tenant representation, property and facilities management, and valuation services to corporations, institutions and investors.

Key Challenges

Short Timeframe: Commerce needed to deploy a new facilities management software across four million square feet in 30 days.

Data Conversion: They needed to migrate and transfer all data in from legacy to systems into Building Engines.

Training: Users would need to be trained on the platform for a quick adoption. This would require hand-on customer service, intuitive software and support resources.

Roll Out: Work order management, COI, tenant access and the mobile platform all needed a rapid set up and implementation.

The Solution:

Building Engines created a 7-Phase Plan to roll out work order management, COI, the mobile platform and tenant access throughout Commerce’s four million square foot portfolio – all within the 30-day transition deadline.

At the end of four weeks, Commerce had the tools, resources and experience to provide world class service to investment and corporate real estate clients on a global basis!

Find out more about these steps and the results in the Case Study: Commerce Real Estate Solution’s Rapid Conversion & Deployment.