Google’s Chrome has chased Mozilla into a Firefox hole, taking the title as the world’s second most popular browser. Not quite a Chrome run, Google’s free software still ranks behind Microsoft’s behemoth Internet Explorer according to StatCounter, a website analytics company.

A bigger Explorer than even Dora, I.E. holds 40.63% of the market share worldwide, and 50.66% in the US according to StatCounter’s findings. Chrome’s global share meanwhile, has accelerated from from zero in 2008 to 25.69%  this past November.

Long dominated by Internet Explorer, the browser playing field is rapidly leveling. While Netscape (remember them?) got net-scraped, Chrome and Firefox are poised for growth. According to the Wall Street Journal, Internet Explorer has continued to explore the realm of market loss despite a recent revamping.

Although it’s on top for desktops, the browser’s weakness is its presence in smartphones and tablets. Safari grabs the majority of mobile traffic as the default browser on the iPhone and iPad, says Mashable. Chrome meanwhile, is expected to be integrated into the Android platform.

While Chrome is still playing penultimate frisbee, it’s still neck-in-neck with Firefox in the race to challenge Internet Explorer.

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