Building Engines CRE Property Management Platform- CRE Tech Talks

Technology is changing the business of commercial real estate. This show is about helping CRE Executives improve their tech IQ, so they can make informed decisions that will help their organization innovate, grow and stay competitive. 

In our latest podcast, Building Engines SVP Scott Sidman is joined by Mark Handzel, VP of Regulatory Affairs & Director of HVAC Commercial Buildings at Xylem, Inc.

The pair will discuss:

  • The current challenges for the built environment and new development
  • Energy and water regulations, and where they’re coming from
  • “Total Systems Approach” – and how Xylem supports the CRE market in meeting current challenges
  • How Xylem & Bell Gossett are creating solutions using technology in their products and services
  • Where building operators should focus first
  • And much more!

Click here to listen or download the podcast, as well as get access to a written transcript and our “Top Takeaways to Apply Today.”