BlueGreen is one of my favorite colors clients. A world-class resort, BlueGreen (NYSE: BXG) operates a little differently than our core of Corporate Real Estate clients. Their idea of tenant satisfaction is installing a 75,000 square-foot pool oasis.

BlueGreen’s specialized industry of leisure and tropical escape required a flexible approach. You see, rigidity and structural confinement are generally seen as antithetical to the resort culture, especially when their slogan is “Colorful Places to Live and Play.” The resort’s unique needs prompted us to rethink our platform’s capabilities.

A client of ours since November 2009, BlueGreen has worked with us to develop a creative property management solution. Here are some of the ways they have optimized the flexibility of the platform:

They have thought outside the sand box in terms of their “Buildings.” In their account, a pool, playground, grill area, or any common area is considered a building, with its own work orders and scheduled PMs. This helps them gain accurate reporting around where the highest demands are. (They are generally wherever the highest concentration of New Jersey vacationers are.)

“Tenants” are essentially room numbers. They have a very specific work order issue list that they use to gain accurate reporting as to the types of issues being reported in their rooms. E.g. “Too much foam in my chocolate hazelccino” or “There is an alligator in my villa.”

Given the size of the resort, the mobile application has become crucial to improving productivity and time management across 54 acres of serene setting. The engineers in the field are able to track, comment, and close work orders without having to return to a computer and spend time closing out the work they have done. More time for the H2O arcade and bar.

You know, I think it’s time for an on-property meeting…