Everyone, no matter what their rank or position in life, has had experiences with customer service. Our consumer-driven culture guarantees that on a near daily basis we are in the position of being a customer, and are placed at the mercy of our service providers. Though we might not realize, these encounters have made each of us experts in the field of customer service. Perhaps you can’t put your finger on the exact reasons why, but we can all tell the difference between good service and great service, and we’re all familiar with the good feeling that comes along with the latter. A good experience with a customer support representative can be enough to put a spring into your step for the rest of the afternoon; enough to make you feel like you are the valued consumer that we all want to be.

The problem with service is that it’s difficult to quantify. Try to measure client satisfaction in a way that can be put on a spreadsheet, and you’ll probably come up empty handed. Unfortunately, in these tough economic times, immeasurable concepts such as service can be the first to fall to the wayside. It’s difficult to prioritize the intangibles while simultaneously focusing on the bottom line. You know that for your tenants feeling appreciated and supported can insure that they will never want to move out of your space. You know this because, if put in their position, you would feel exactly the same way.

The kicker is it’s not THAT difficult to provide the kind of service that will differentiate you from your competitors. Once you realize that you’re willing to put in the effort to be great rather than just good, all you need to do is find the appropriate tools to get you there. A tool like a Web-Based Operations Management system can streamline your staff and free up the time needed to reach out to tenants and make them feel appreciated. Honestly, who has time to worry about whether tenants are happy when you’re busy shuffling paperwork and coordinating schedules? Alleviate those worries and you’ll open up a whole new world of opportunity; opportunity to forge the kind of strong client relationships that will last a lifetime.