Property managers must be echo-friendly if they hope to survive in the rental market. According to a recent article (whose inspiration and information derives from a panel at the RealShare Apartments Conference in LA), the youngest generation of renters are posed to set standards in the market.

Echo-boomers, the 20 and 30-something children of Baby Boomers, are entering the rental housing market and making demands. Demand making is generally seen as characteristic of this demographic, who is largely known for their technological savvy (and/or dependence) and sense of entitlement. Also known as Generation Y, Generation Next, and Millennials, Echo-boomers are predominantly renters and “nimble” – they are swift to relocate if their demands are not being met.

What does this mean for standards in property management? To satisfy and retain members of Generation Y Stay Here and Generation Next Apartment: requests must be quickly acknowledged, service all online, and technology support fully functional. Building owners and managers should expect fewer walk-ins and phone calls, and more communication with this segment via their preferred methods: laptops, tablets, and smart phones.

According to, the trend of conducting business online with these tenants is only increasing, and in many cases resulting in outsourcing for technical-support functions. Essentially, unless property managers want more turnovers than a bakery, they need to watch the boom and cater to this generation.