The first episode of our upcoming new podcast series, CRE Tech Talks, isn’t the first time we’ve set our sights on examining social media and its relationship to commercial real estate. We blogged about it here and here and here (to name a few), and one of our most popular webinars – Casting a Wider Net(work) – discussed how to use social media to strengthen a property’s online brand; reinforce tenant relationships; and reach prospects.

Presented by Patrick Braswell, Principal of Scotland Wright Associates, the webinar shows property owners and managers how web-based and mobile technologies can be leveraged to keep them informed, improve tenant management, and develop their relationships with contacts, companies, and prospects.

In this digital age, you can be sure of one thing: your building marketing plan is not complete without a social media strategy. So be sure to tune into our podcast on March 12 – “Social Is Not Optional” – and check out the webinar below.

Social Media and Building Engines Tech Talks

Download a transcript of the webinar here.